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Global Pocket Reader + Microchip Scanner for Horses - Reads Temperatures!

Global Pocket Reader + Microchip Scanner for Horses - Reads Temperatures!

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Make life easier with a Global Pocket Reader (GPR+) Microchip Scanner. Used by veterinarians, trainers, breeders and leisure riders this scanner saves time on the ground and makes record management easy when used with the EquiTrace app.

Key Benefits of the Scanner include:



  • This scanner works with the new temperature recording Bio-Thermo™ Microchips and the EquiTrace mobile app.
  • Simply scan your horse to access their identification on the EquiTrace mobile app, the scanner will also read the horses temperature at the same time allowing you to measure a horse’s temperature within one-tenth of a degree.
  • The EquiTrace app will allow you to graph temperatures and detect potential disease outbreaks before they present.

Time Saving - Scan your horses as you work, this scanner works with all standard IOS microchips as well as the new temperature recording Bio-Thermo™ Microchips.

Identity - This state of the art scanner can hold up to 3000 ID's and is bluetooth enabled which allows it to work with the EquiTrace mobile app and the FEI Horse app.


When using the EquiTrace app with this scanner and you have enabled GPS every time a horse is scanned their location will be recorded so you can track exact locations of all horses within the app.


Sales houses and competition centres such as Goffs use this scanner and the EquiTrace app to check animals in, monitor movement on site and reduce paperwork.

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Technical Overview

  • Reads and stores up to 3,000 microchip numbers.
  • Includes Bluetooth® and USB cable for easy memory download.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Improved drop resistance.
  • Reads 134.2 kHz (ISO), 128 kHz and 125 kHz (FDX-A) microchips.
  • Displays and stores Microchip Temperatures™ when reading.
  • LifeChip with Bio Thermo™ Technology.

Included with GPR Reader

  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Key chain with microchip to test the reader
  • Lanyard to help prevent drops and keeps hands free
  • Six AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Supply
  • USB cable


GPR+ Scanner is housed in a durable plastic casing.

Comes with 6 x AAA rechargeable batteries.

Neoprene Case is available to purchase.

Shipping & Returns

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GPR+ Microchip Scanner:

Length: 20.5cm

Width: 8.3cm

Depth: 3.5cm

GPR+ Case:

Length: 25.5cm 

Width: 23cm

Depth: 9cm 

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